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Statox 501 PID

Gasdetector Statox 501 PID: Detects VOC Gases and Vapors.

Statox 501 PID - the Allrounder

PIDs (Photo – Ionisation – Detectors) detect VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the ppm range, which other sensor types are unable to monitor, like solvents and fuels.

A PID sensor uses high energy ultra violet light radiation to break gas molecules into radicals, which are discharged while passing a condenser. The discharge current increases proportional to the number of molecules, i. e. the gas concentration. The standard Statox 501 PID will detect all substances with a ionization energy below 10,6 eV.

PIDs are normally calibrated with Isobutene. Other gases will be detected with different sensitivity. These so - called response factors must be multiplied with the displayed concentration when adjusting span. Compur Monitors will adjust your Statox 501 PID individually to your application ex works.

A magnetic pin gives access to simple parameter setting and calibration menu. A multi - color LED signalises the status of the system. The Statox 501 PID voltage output signal is similar the the signal of a catalytic sensor. The Statox 501 control module displays the measured value and provides an analog output and 3 powerful relay outputs for alarm devices or pcs.

Caution! The PID must be connected to different Terminals on the Statox 501 and the Stox 501 control modules. Please follow the connection intructions!

Technische specificaties

Gas to be detected
Measuring programs
Measuring principle

Response time
Operating temperature
Power supply

Housing material
Interface material
Ingress protection
Approval No.
All Substances of which the potential of ionisation is smaller than 10,6 eV
0 - 10, 0 - 100, 0 - 1000,0 - 10000 ppm
Photo - Ionisation
Isobutene: t90 < 30 s
- 30 to + 60°C
0 - 95 % r. F. non condensing
700 - 1300 hPa
4,6 to 5,6 VDC
app. 50 mA, initial current max. 150 mA for 0,3 s
3 - Wire
with Statox 501 Controller
ca. 1,0 kg
160 x 130 x 60 mm HxWxD
Cast aluminum
Stainless steel
Minimum IP 54
II2G Ex e [ib] mbIIC T4 Gb
BVS 12 ATEX E 014
Statox 501
The Statox 501 PID consists of housing, sensor interface, and flange. The flow adapter and the magnetic pin are accessories.

PID response factors
Connecting to Statox 501
Connecting to Statox 502
All Substances of which the potential of ionisation is smaller than 10,6 eV