Gas detectie systemen

Beveiliging tegen onzichtbaar gevaar

Phosgene Indicator Badge Medic

Imitated by all, duplicated by none.

With decades of outstanding performance, this latest version of the Monitox is the best yet. It shows the actual gas concentration on a recessed LCD display and responds to hazardous concentrations within seconds giving an audible as well as a visual alarm.

Monitox plus is very small and lightweight. Its housing is made of sturdy, galvanized ABS, withstanding the harshest industrial environments. The chromium plated surface protects it from electromagnetic interference. Handling the Compur Monitox plus is quick and easy. Sensor replacement is a breeze since a plug-in socket sensor allows replacement without even opening the instrument.

A recessed button on the front side of the instrument allows easy access to a menu for automatic zero and calibration. Thus even calibrations can be done without opening the instrument.

Two alarms can easily be set to any value within the measuring range of the instrument by push-button. For added safety the Monitox plus features smart technology such as a “missing sensor-alarm” which detects if the electrical connection to the sensor has been damaged.

With the optional Compur gas generator a 100 % performance test can be done within 10 seconds, without a gas cylinder.

Technische specificaties

Gas to be detected

Color Change
Operation Temperature
Storage Temperature
E10 - 300 ppm * min
72 * 44 * 4 mm / 2,8 * 1,7 * 0,015
in (h * w * d)
PET, PE, Paper
Yellowish white to brick red
20°C to +40°C / - 4°F to 77°F
Rel. Humidity 10 to 100 %
1 min to 5 Days after Activation
+ 2°C to 25°C / 35°F to 77°F
Handleiding (Engels)
Color reference
Interferences (Engels)

Caution: Do not use downloads to evaluate exposed badges. The color intensity of a computer screen or printer may differ from the original.