Gas detectie systemen

Beveiliging tegen onzichtbaar gevaar


Are the gas detectors protected from explosions?
Yes, all of our gas detectors have a pressure-proof encapsulation which means they are intrinsically safe thereby contributing to a higher degree of safety. Even in case of an imminent gas explosion or one that has already occurred, you can trust in your gas detector without reservation.

Do they test the general limits of toxic gases, e.g. HCN, phosgene or VOC ?
Yes, one gas detector in our range also detects toxic gases. Potentially poisonous gases can be measured in both ppm range and the ppb range.

Do you measure combustible gases in the LEL range, i.e. the lower explosive limit?
Yes, our gas detectors are designed exactly for these types of measurements. With the integrated display of the devices, you will obtain an overview of the area of the LEL in which a gas leak has occurred or is occurring with a range of 0 to 100 percent.

Do you have any sensors based on the principle of infrared absorption?
Yes, every gas detector is equipped technically accordingly. With this, our gas detectors are also suitable for measuring hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide in the ambient air of your company.

Do the gas detectors have electrochemical sensors?
Yes, with the right equipment, a gas detector we have produced also allows inorganic, toxic gases to be measured. Just as with the toxic gases mentioned above, measurement accuracy in both the ppm range and the ppb range is assured.

Is it also possible to use the gas detectors in the field of plant safety?
Our gas detectors are, of course, also suitable for this application and make a valuable contribution to safety in your company. You may rest assured of an exact measurement and inspection of toxic and non-toxic gases which may escape from your plants or factory machinery in this area as well.

Do you also provide multimetres for toxic and combustible gases?
You can, of course, also find measurement devices of this type in our range. These are used primarily in municipal governments, wastewater associations and fire departments and cover a broad spectrum of gaseous substances in their measuring capacity.

Do you have photoionisation detectors (PIDs)?
Yes, our measurement devices are equipped with these accordingly. These allow precise and reliable measurement of VOCs.

Are your devices used in the field of occupational safety?
Yes, the quality of our devices has been relied on for years – in particular in businesses belonging to the chemical and petrochemicals industries. The processing industry of many other sectors profits from our measurement technology as far as checking escaping gases in one or more production processes seems sensible.

Do the devices comply with safety requirements as regards DIN EN 61508?
Yes, using the devices in this manner is possible. Our devices are in line with all standards for functional safety in accordance with SIL 2, which means they also hold up to the stipulations of the European standard.