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Compur Monitors: Gas Detectie Systemen

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The right gas detector for any gas and any application.
Compur Monitors is manufacturer of high – end gas detectors, as well fixed and portable. Most instruments comply with functional safety requirements level SIL 2. Highly sensitive and specific sensor technology make sure that no deviation in ambient air quality can endanger the health of personnel or the environment. Highly specific sensors reduce the risk of false alarms to zero. Elaborate selection and positioning of gas detectors protect the ambience in the chemical, energy, pharmaceutical, food and oil industry, but also in greenhouses, wastewater treatment, drinking water supply, airports, hospitals, malls and machinery compartments. We the manufacturer of gas detection systems provide best accuracy of measurement in the LEL as well as in the ppm or even ppb range. No matter if you need to detect toxic gases, combustible gases, VOC or even multiple gases simultaneously, we provide the appropriate sensor technology: catalytic, (Cat) infrared (IR), photoionization (PID) or electrochemical (EC).

Important: Sensor positioning.
Stationary gas detectors monitor hazardous areas around the clock. As point monitors can only detect gas in their vicinity, it is important to position them in a strategic manner: Close to potential leakages such as valves flanges, pumps and vessels, but also spread well in the plant. Sensors for gases with higher specific density than air should be placed close to the floor (protect from rain splash - back!), sensors for gases with lower density should be located close to the ceiling. Our instruments feature high intrusion protection ratings, so that they can be used as well indoors as outdoors. Perfect personal protection gives the multi gas detector Micro 5. Its sampling system can aspirate gas from a distance of more than 20 m.

The lifehood of gas detection is functional safety.
Gas detector must be proof – tested or calibrated in regular time intervals by trained and authorized personnel. We provide useful tool for bump – testing, such as the Compur gas generator, but also appropriate calibration equipment and accessories. The latest member of the gas detector family is the Statox 560. With its built – in gas generator it can perform an automatic self - test every 24 hours. In case of a problem, our instruments will generate an alarm with absolute reliability.

Focus op veiligheid!
Nothing matters more to us than your safety. As a medium sized company we are particularly close to our customers. Finally our mission is to provide gas detection for your safety. In this context our entire team stands for first class advice, first class products and first class service.